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How the Price of the Passat Has Changed Since 1974

Check out how the price of the luxurious-yet-affordable VW Passat has evolved since the 70s.

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Volkswagen Engine Codes - P0441

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3 Common 2013 Volkswagen Passat Fuel System Problems

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The 5 Most Collectible VWs of the Last 10 Years

VW continues to produce collectible models year after year - and here are our 5 favorites from the last decade.

11 Awesome Vintage VW Ads

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A Farewell to the Two Door GTI

Calling all fans of the 2-door VW GTI: Act Fast! The 2017 model will be the last time the 2-door variant is available.

Beetle Hacks

Maximize the all-around reliability and the fun factor of your VW Beetle with these awesome hacks!

Do I Need to Fix My VW’s Power Steering?

Find out how a power steering failure could be a symptom of a greater problem, and what to do about it.

OEM Brake Pads vs After-Market Pads - What You Need To Know

OEM brake pads are almost always the best option when replacing your VW brake pads - Find out why here.

Are OEM VW Parts REALLY Better?

The simple answer: Yes, OEM parts are consistently the best option - and here's why.