Volkswagen Golf Years

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Volkswagen made a compact sized family car when they produced the Golf. This car has been in production since 1974 with a few variations along the way. At some point, you will need to do repairs on your Golf because it is still a machine, and machines need repairs. At, you will find genuine OEM accessories such as roof racks and OEM parts such as antennas and more:

  • Oil Filter – Changing the oil is imperative if you want to keep your vehicle running. When you do, you need to use a genuine OEM replacement oil filter. We have replacement oil filters and other filters like the air filter and the fuel filter.
  • Transmission – The only way that your Golf can move is if the gears are shifting. Make sure that your transmission fluid is changed regularly. We have other transmission parts like the transmission pan, seals and gaskets.
  • Sensors – Everything is electronic and runs off sensors, and those parts can take a lot of heat, but at some point, they are going to fail. If a sensor fails, the central computer on your car receives the wrong information, and that can cause the engine to lose power. We carry replacement sensors for your Fox.

At, we offer excellent customer service, with free parts look-ups by phone. Give us a call if you have any parts questions. We do not offer cheap aftermarket copies of OEM parts; all parts are genuine. We offer fast and affordable shipping. Call us today.