OEM Volkswagen Golf Parts and Accessories

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The 1991 Volkswagen Golf is the first of the third generation of MK3 vehicles. It was a little bigger than the previous years, and it came with a new turbocharger direct injection diesel. If you need new parts for your Golf, you want OEM Golf parts because they last as long as the original parts.

- Interior Accessories – The interior of your VW should be kept as nice as it was when it was new. Replace any of the worn accessories like consoles, armrests and knobs.

- Brake Pads – The brake pads help to stop your wheels from turning when you step on the brakes. These wear out due to heat and pressure, so replace them at regular intervals. We have pads, calipers and more.

- Shocks and Struts – The shocks allow your vehicle to go over bumps without making your ride uncomfortable. We have replacement shocks, struts and other suspension parts.

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