A Guide to Volkswagen Bumper Cover Replacements

A scratched, dented, cracked, or partially missing bumper cover can really put a damper on your Volkswagen’s appearance. Depending on the type and level of damage, your bumper cover’s structural integrity may also be compromised.

The best thing to do in this situation is to either fix or replace the bumper cover as soon as you can. This guide covers all the information you need about replacing your bumper cover. First, let’s figure out if you can get away with just fixing it.

To Replace or Not to Replace Your Bumper Cover

You can fix your bumper cover if the damage is purely cosmetic. Any damage that compromises your bumper cover’s structural integrity calls for a full replacement. If you just have cosmetic damage, you can fill in the scratches and then repaint your bumper cover.

However, repairing your bumper cover is pretty difficult and time-consuming. And, there is no guarantee that the patch up job would look good. Often times it’s just easier to replace the entire bumper cover.

Deciding Between an OEM and an Aftermarket Bumper Cover

If you decide to replace your bumper cover, you have to choose between an OEM bumper cover and an aftermarket bumper cover. It might be tempting to get a cheap aftermarket replacement bumper cover, but it’s actually not a great idea.

Aftermarket bumper covers may be cheap upfront, but you’ll actually save more money with an OEM bumper. It’s because aftermarket bumper covers:

  • Don’t fit quite as well
  • Are likely to be more easily damaged due to being made of low quality materials
  • Typically aren’t backed by a warranty

Many Volkswagen owners would agree that OEM is the better choice because OEM bumper covers:

  • Fit better
  • Provide more protection
  • Aren’t always necessarily expensive

This article can help you decide between an OEM and an aftermarket bumper cover: The Truth About OEM and Aftermarket Volkswagen Bumper Covers

Speaking of cost, you can buy a genuine OEM Volkswagen bumper cover from our website at wholesale pricing. Here are our best selling Volkswagen bumper covers:

To Paint or Not to Paint Your Replacement Bumper Cover

Golf bumper cover

OEM bumper covers come unpainted, but they're ready to be primed and painted right off the bat. You have three options:

  • Leave it unpainted
  • Paint it yourself
  • Hire an auto body shop to paint it for you

This article helps you go over each option and figure out which one is the best for you: Should You Paint Your New VW Bumper Cover Yourself?

Replacing a Front Volkswagen Bumper Cover

Replacing your bumper cover isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You just need to remove the grille and bumper cover. You can do that with a flat blade screwdriver and a couple of Torx wrenches. We have a comprehensive bumper cover replacement tutorial for Passats here. If you have another Volkswagen model, you can find a model-specific tutorial on YouTube.