The Truth About OEM and Aftermarket Volkswagen Bumper Covers

Are you looking for a replacement Volkswagen bumper cover? You might be thinking about passing on an OEM bumper cover and instead getting an aftermarket cover.

It’s actually not a good idea to install an aftermarket bumper cover on your car. We’ll explain the reasons below, but first let’s debunk the myth that aftermarket bumper covers are cheaper than OEM.

Bumper cover VW

Are Aftermarket Bumper Covers Actually Cheaper?

We get why you might want an aftermarket bumper cover. They’re usually cheaper upfront, but they usually end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. It because of three reasons:

  1. Aftermarket bumper covers don’t fit quite as well. Aftermarket bumper cover manufacturers have specs that are slightly off. Some aftermarket manufacturers even build their bumper covers with universal specs. This means an aftermarket bumper cover likely won’t fit your Volkswagen well and you’d have to modify it. This costs you more money and takes up some of your time.
  2. Aftermarket bumper covers aren’t usually built with high quality materials. This means an aftermarket bumper cover probably won’t hold up quite as well to minor impacts as an OEM bumper cover.
  3. Aftermarket bumper covers aren’t usually backed by a warranty. It’s rare for an aftermarket bumper cover to be covered by a good warranty policy. It’s part of why aftermarket bumper covers are so cheap. So if your bumper cover gets damaged for some reason, chances are you’d have to buy a whole new one.

We’ve established how an aftermarket bumper cover could cost you more money in the long run. Now, let’s talk about why OEM bumper covers are the better choice:

1. OEM Bumper Covers Fit Better

Aftermarket bumper covers usually need to be modified in order to fit your VW perfectly. Sometimes the holes don’t line up or the bumper is too wide or too short.

Modifying an aftermarket bumper cover is more expensive and time-consuming than simply getting an OEM bumper cover made just for your car. If you get the right OEM bumper cover for your car, you don’t have to worry about improper fitment because OEM parts are built with precise measurements.

2. OEM Bumper Covers Provide More Protection


Volkswagen tests all of its OEM parts, including front and rear bumper covers, to ensure optimal performance and maximum protection. Not only are OEM Volkswagen bumper covers built with high quality materials, but they’ve been designed to absorb minor impacts in the best way possible.

3. OEM Bumper Covers Aren’t Always Necessarily Expensive

OEM bumper covers can cost a pretty penny upfront. But that's typically only the case at dealerships, repair shops, and some online parts shops. At, we offer wholesale pricing for all genuine OEM bumper covers and other parts.

For example, you can get bumper cover number 5GM-807-417-AG-GRU (for 2018 GTI and Golf models) for under $285 from us. That exact bumper cover usually goes for over $430 at dealerships and repair shops.

Here’s another example: bumper cover number 5C6-807-217-AG-GRU (for 2015-2018 Jettas) can cost as much as $500 at dealerships and repair shops, but you can get it from us for only $315.

You can look up your Volkswagen in our catalog to see if we carry a genuine OEM bumper cover for your car at wholesale pricing.


The truth about aftermarket bumper covers is that they’re not always a great deal. They may end up costing more money than necessary in the long run. If you want a bumper cover that fits well, provides maximum protection, and saves you money, then OEM is the way to go.