A Farewell to the Two Door GTI

GTI Gens

RIP 2-door GTI, 1975-2017

Behold, a list of things that have died, for one reason or another, in the United States:

  • British oligarchy
  • Crystal Pepsi
  • M Night Shyamalan's career
  • The VW 2-Door GTI

The latter is what we will be focusing on today, as it's with heavy hearts that we've learned VW will be axing the 2-door variant of the popular car. Fans of the 2-door GTI will have to act fast, as the 2017 model will be the last time it's available.

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A Changing Trend

GTI farewell

VW will cease production of the 2-door GTI after the 2017 model year.

So how did we get here? Here are some reasons why VW might've shut down production of the 2-door GTI:

  • Less space. Americans love their space, and in a world where crossovers and SUV's reign supreme, it's possible the 2-door didn't make the cut when it came to grocery store runs and neighborhood potlucks.
  • Special order. We live in a “give it to me now!” kind of society, so that didn't bode well for the 2-door GTI, which was available on special order only.
  • Price difference. The 2-door GTI is only $600 cheaper than its 4-door counterpart. When you're paying $24,995 for a car, an extra $600 isn't a big deal for the added convenience of four doors and no awkward crawling into the backseat.
  • Dieselgate. There's no denying that VW took quite a financial hit after recent controversies, and cutting slow-selling models like the 2-door GTI helps save a little cash.
  • A changing trend. While specific sales numbers aren't available for the 2-door GTI, we do know that overall GTI sales reached a peak last year in the US. However, at a launch event Hendrik Muth, VW's US Marketing Chief, said “the trend is clearly shifting toward four-door models.”

Why We'll Miss It

To be honest, the 2-door GTI is...cute. Always has been, always will be.

When the Golf (called the Rabbit in North America) landed on US shores in 1975, it set the new standard for how a small car should perform and handle. Available in 2 and 4-door variants from the get go, the VW Golf continuously wowed drivers with solid performance.

First Gen GTI

A first gen 4-door Golf.

Sure, the 2-door Golf GTI may be a little old fashioned, but it's still a classic. While the GTI isn't going anywhere, we'll be a little nostalgic for the smaller variant. However, it's time for us to face to cold, hard truth: 4-doors are more practical, and you can still get a sporty performance from the GTI no matter now many doors it has.

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