11 Awesome Vintage VW Ads

In the time when real-life Don Drapers ruled the advertising world, VW was blazing its own path - both figuratively and literally.

Check out these 11 vintage ads that showcase the biting humor and self-depreciating mindset that made VW the darlings of the ad world:


Love Bug ad

"A love like this won't last forever" - VW, 1974.


Straight ad

From our perspective, it certainly seems like all bugs were straightened out.


Take bus ad

In 1977, AutoWeek said the VW Bus "might be the real best all around car in the world." Well, we can't disagree!


Ugly ad

If this Fastback is ugly, then we'll take ugly cars all day.


Puzzle ad

That's our kind of puzzle!


They do make a good point!


Evolution ad

Why don't they teach this in schools?


Bog Boys ad

"We're not above borrowing a good idea when we see one." Well, it's a strategy that seems to have worked out!


Fastback ad

When these self-depreciating ads first came out, they had everyone talking - and a lot of people buying, too.


34 Wives ad

With 34 wives, it might get a little tight in that Beetle when going on family dinners.


Why Not ad

This was sound logic.

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