Everything You Need to Know About the Golf GTI and R Performance Brake System Components

The brake system available in the Volkswagen GTI and R Performance Packages is world class. The more you understand the superior braking performance in the high-performance versions of the GTI and R, the more you’ll appreciate it.

We’d like to use the opportunity to discuss the Volkswagen performance brake system to showcase how uniquely effective it is. Let’s start with the components that make it great.

The Key Components in a VW Performance Brake System

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To ensure optimal performance, Volkswagen put a lot of thought into the design of each component:

  • Front and Rear Discs: The heavy-duty front and rear discs are vented to promote quicker cooling. The standard discs on the Golf are about 12 inches (front) and 10 inches (rear). The upgraded discs found on the GTI and R are over 13 inches (front) and 12 inches (rear). Larger discs are more powerful.
  • Calipers: The larger discs are matched with larger calipers. The calipers sport a heavy duty design and red paint showcasing either “GTI” or “R” in bold lettering.
  • Caliper Mounts: Like the calipers, the caliper mounts are built to handle spirited driving.
  • Brake Pads: The brake pads in the GTI and R performance packages are not typical OE brake pads. They are the equivalent of the best aftermarket street performance brake pads. The pads are made of superior materials that can withstand the high heat that comes with spirited driving. Additionally, VW has engineered these pads to also provide quiet stopping during normal daily driving.
  • Splash Shield: Larger rotors require larger splash shields. Volkswagen’s high-performance splash shields are made of superior materials that can withstand high heat from the brake system while in heavy use.

VW Performance Brake System Vs. Regular Brake Systems

VW’s standard brake system is already high quality, but it’s not equipped to handle aggressive driving and braking. While both brake system designs are generally the same, there are still a few key differences. For starters, the VW performance brake system is designed specifically to handle high heat and cool down rapidly. The system won't shudder or squeal in heavy, aggressive use. And unlike many performance brake systems, VW’s performance brake system will perform quietly during easy daily driving.

How to Maintain Your GTI’s or R’s Brake System With OEM Performance Parts

Brake work

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If the time has come to replace some worn brake system components, it pays to maintain your GTI or R with OEM quality parts. While shopping for OEM performance brake system components online, be sure to look for “with performance brakes” in the description. Here’s a list of some of the best selling OEM performance brake system components:



Caliper Mounts

Brake Hoses

Brake Pads

Splash Shields

Got any questions about Volkswagen’s superior performance brake system components? Please contact us. We’ll be happy to chat with you!