How Much Stuffing Can You Stuff Into A Tiguan?

We know it's not likely you'll put cooked cornbread stuffing directly on the seats of your brand new 2019 VW Tiguan, but seeing how it's Thanksgiving time, we thought we'd do the research...just in case.

Stuff Tiguan

Who would've thought stuffing could be so heavy? As you can see in the chart above, you'll safely stay within the payload capacity of your Tiguan if you only stuff that stuffing into the designated cargo space. Putting the seats down and filling that second row is a no-no.

Filling the second AND front seating area of the Tiguan is an absolute no-no. It's not just the upholstery that will suffer. With that much weight, your transmission might fail and those tires might blow out, too. Not to mention, it's sorta gross.

Everyone here at wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving with lots of laughs.