Beetle Hacks

Beetle is love, Beetle is life.

If the above statement applies to you, then you probably spend a lot more time and energy in your car than most. Check out these useful hacks to make the commutes and long weekend drives just a little better.

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1. Use an Artist Brush to Clean Your Vents

Art brush hack

Nobody should have to breathe dirty air, but with constant circulation in your car every time you turn on the heat or AC, dust accumulates inside your vents. If you don't clean your vents regularly, this can lead to respiration and allergy issues. But clearing the dust is as easy as using an artist brush to dust off the vents.

2. Use a Rubber Band to Mount Your Phone

Phone hack

Did you know that 17% of all vehicle crashes are caused by cell phone use? Instead of fumbling with your device to figure out directions, use a rubber band to mount your phone to the vent. The result is a low-cost hands-free setup to read your map. If you're looking for something a little more high-tech, check out this hands-free phone console kit under part number 1C1-051-601-A-01C.

3. Repurpose a Coffee Cup as a Tissue Holder

Tissue holder hack

According to the laws of the universe, you won't have any tissues handy when you need them most. Break those laws and repurpose a coffee cup so when your nose gets runny, you'll have a tissue to meet it.

4 .Command Hooks to Hold Garbage Bags for Your Car

Garbage bag hack

We've all fallen victim to crumpled up napkins, paper fast-food bags, and the general trash that plagues our interiors. But by using a command hook to hold garbage bags, your car can stay neat. If you'd rather not install those hooks in your Beetle, check out this over the seat waste bag under part number 000-061-107.

5. Get Storage Space with a Mesh Bungee

Bungee hack

Need some extra storage? Try this mesh bungee hack to fit blankets, jackets, and other accessories without sacrificing space. You could also check out this Heavy Duty Trunk Liner with Cargo Organizer Blocks under part number 5C0-061-166-469. They'll help you divvy up trunk space for storage.

6. Use Toothpaste to Clean Hazy Headlights

Headlights hack

Is the world getting darker, or are your headlights just a little hazy? We'd assume the latter. Squeeze a little toothpaste on your headlights and gently scrub with a wet rag to restore your headlights to their original sparkly state.

7. Use Tape to Mark Seat Settings

Seat setting hack

Are you a one-car household with more than one person? Then you know the all-too-familiar feeling of stepping into the driver's seat and feeling a little...close. Or too far away. Use small pieces of tape to mark where the seat is normally set for you, so you'll always get it back to the right spot.

8. Use Hand Sanitizer to De-Ice a Car Lock

Frozen lock hack

Winter is coming (isn't it always?), and one morning you might walk out to your car to find the handle iced over. If you find yourself in that predicament, use some alcohol-based hand sanitizer to de-ice your car's lock. To prevent this from happening to your Beetle in the first place, try out this storm-proof car cover under part number 1C0-061-207-H.

9. Clean Car Gunk with a Screwdriver

Screwdriver hack

The phrase “nooks and crannies” is a scary phrase when it comes to your car. But with a cloth-wrapped screwdriver, you've got a tool that'll clear up gunk faster than you can say “slug bug.”