8 Cool VW Accessories You Can Buy Online

Attention all Volkswagen fanboys and fangirls: we have good news for you. There are tons of must-have Volkswagen accessories out there that will make your driving experience much easier and more enjoyable.

Looking for a good place to start? Check out the top eight accessories every Volkswagen driver must own:

1. Flower Vase

Flower vase

Spruce up your Beetle with flowers! Volkswagen designed this flower vase to fit on the dashboard in 2012-2017 Beetles. Being accompanied by flowers while driving will certainly brighten up your day. This makes us want to go out and buy a Beetle of our own!

2. Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror


If you hate being blinded by bright truck lights, you need this smart rear view mirror. It offers an automatic dimming functionality, as well as an electronic compass and a built-in garage door opener.

Keep in mind that some new Volkswagen models already have this mirror built in. The ones that don’t, and are compatible with this mirror, include post-2015 Volkswagen Golfs, GTIs, and SportWagens.

3. 1965 VW Camper Van Lunch Bag


It’s not #VanLife until you live and breathe Volkswagen camper vans! A neat way of showing your love for this lifestyle (and paying homage to the retro Volkswagen van that started it all) is toting around your lunch in this cool canvas lunch bag shaped like a VW camper van.

If you’re not digging the blue, it also comes in orange, pink, and red.

4. Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier

Give your small pet a taste of the Volkswagen life with his very own VW bus! It’s so cool that he won’t mind that it’s not an actual bus. Plus, having one of those things inside an actual VW bus would give you an opportunity to post a picture of it on Instagram with the caption: #busception. You know you want to.

5. Ski Bag

Ski bag

Who needs a ski rack when you can use this? Volkswagen designed this ski bag to fit through the trunk compartment opening in most post-1998 Volkswagens. It can hold up to four pairs of skis and poles.

6. VW Beetle Lighter


This VW Beetle lighter is a guaranteed conversation piece for your car. Its design is based on the original Beetle design and it comes in many different colors, including red, gold, silver, and orange.

7. Mini-Torch Flashlight


Arm your Volkswagen with this mini-torch flashlight! It’s a rechargeable halogen flashlight that can fit into a cigarette lighter. It’ll come in handy if you get stranded on the side of the road, happen to drop your keys between the seats, or have a passenger who wants to read something at night.

8. Inverted Umbrella


This is no ordinary umbrella. It closes away from you, which makes it so much easier to get in or out of a car or a building. Keep one of those things in your Volkswagen, and you’ll never have to worry about rain again.