VW Valve Covers and Gaskets: A Complete Guide

On top of your engine is a part called the valve cover. It’s often overlooked because it’s not a moving part, and it is not very conspicuous. Despite that, the valve cover is pretty important to your engine's health and performance. When there’s valve cover damage, oil will leak out. The decreased lubrication of the engine can lead to a variety of engine problems, some of which are irreparable.

It’s important that you, as a car owner, know a bit about your valve cover and gasket (a seal underneath the valve cover). That’s why we put together this guide.

The Valve Cover and Gasket: Explained in Simple Terms

If you want to see the valves in your engine, you’ll have to remove the valve cover and the valve cover gasket. The valve cover is a component that’s designed to cover the valve train.

The valve cover gasket is a thin rubber or cork seal that fills in the gap between the valve cover and the cylinder head. You can read a more detailed explanation of both parts in this article: What is a Valve Cover and How Does it Help Your VW Engine?

How to Find Out if Your Valve Cover or Gasket is Leaking

If you suspect that oil is leaking out of your engine, it’s a good idea to check your valve cover and gasket. Detecting a VW valve cover gasket leak is a simple and straightforward task that only requires a flashlight and a pair of eyes. Here’s a step-by-step guide on conducting a visual inspection: How to Spot a VW Valve Cover Gasket Leak

How to Save Money on an OEM Replacement Valve Cover or Gasket

Valve cover

Are you going to replace the valve cover or gasket yourself? We suggest skipping the dealership and ordering a genuine OEM replacement part online. You’ll save a lot of money that way. Volkswagen dealerships impose a large markup on all of their OEM parts, including valve covers and gaskets.

You can save the most money if you buy an OEM replacement valve cover and/or gasket at wholesale pricing. At RealVolkswagenParts.com, we offer wholesale pricing for all of our parts, including valve covers and gaskets. Check out some of our best sellers:

Valve covers:

  • Part No. 03L-103-469: For 2009-2015 Beetles, Golfs, and Jettas
  • Part No. 038-103-469-E: For 1998-2004 Beetles, Golfs, and Jettas

Valve cover gaskets:

  • Part No. 03L-103-483: For 2009-2015 Beetles, Golfs, and Jettas
  • Part No. 051-103-483-A: For 1996-2002 Beetles, Cabrios, Golfs, and Jettas

How to Replace a VW Valve Cover or Gasket

To replace your valve cover or gasket, you’ll have to open your hood and then remove some hoses, clamps, and a few other parts. But, it's really a pretty easy job. Still, it’s a good idea to find a tutorial that’s specific to your Volkswagen model. If you have a VW bug valve cover that needs to be replaced, here’s a comprehensive tutorial on replacing VW Beetle valve covers.