A Complete Guide to GTI and Golf R Performance Brake Systems

One of the best parts of owning a GTI or Golf R is the fact that you can load it with the OEM performance brake system components available via the Volkswagen Performance Package. This guide offers all the information you need about GTI and Golf R performance brake system components, including how to diagnose failing calipers, how to replace certain parts, and more.

Brake systems

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GTI/Golf R Performance Brake System Components

Volkswagen offers world-class performance brake system components made specifically for GTI and Golf R models. When shopping for OEM performance brake components, you’ll find discs, calipers, caliper mounts, brake hoses, brake pads, and splash shields. To learn more about each component, check out this guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Golf GTI and R Performance Brake System Components.

How to Diagnose Failing GTI/Golf R Brake Calipers

Because brake calipers bear the brunt of the heat and abuse while driving, they often go bad first. Symptoms include brake fluid leakage, a thudding noise when you hit the brakes, and more. If you have a lift at home, you can inspect your calipers for damage or malfunctioning components (such as the piston) with this tutorial: How to Diagnose Failing GTI/Golf R Brake Calipers.

Are OEM GTI/Golf R Brakes Better Than Aftermarket?

When you’re shopping for performance brakes, you usually have no choice but to get aftermarket parts. It doesn’t apply in this case, however, because Volkswagen offers top-notch OEM performance brake parts that are superior to aftermarket brake parts. For instance, Volkswagen’s performance brake system parts outperform their aftermarket counterparts in terms of quality, fitment, versatility, and more. To read more about this in detail, check out this article: Are OEM GTI/Golf R Brakes Better Than Aftermarket?

How to Replace Your GTI/Golf R Brakes

You can replace your performance brakes at home with a lift and basic tools, and we’ll show you how. For full instructions on replacing your brake pads, rotor, calipers, and brake hose, take a look at this all-in-one guide to replacing your GTI or Golf R brake system components.