Volkswagen e-Golf Years

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The Golf has been on the market since 1974, and in 2012 a new Golf emerged in the lineup. The Volkswagen e-Golf is an electric version of this popular compact car. When you need Volkswagen e-Golf parts, make sure you use OEM Volkswagen parts for parts that are a perfect fit and are built to last as long as the factory parts.

  • Propulsion System – The e-Golf motor runs through an electric propulsion system, so all the components must be in working order. If you need to replace a motor mount, a wire harness, control module, the motor itself or anything else in the system, we have it.
  • Door Handles – The door handle has to withstand a lot of use, and while it is tough, you might need to replace it. We have the door handles, window regulators, locks and even the doors for your e-Golf.
  • Cargo Trays – The cargo trays help protect the floor of the cargo area from spilled liquids and more. These trays help to keep the value of your car. We have these accessories and more for your VW.

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