Engine Control Modules

The Engine Control Module (ECM) on your Volkswagen is the brain of your entire vehicle. It consists of a circuit board and contains software that tells your vehicle how to perform for maximum performance. It monitors and regulates the timing and fuel distribution. It receives input from all the other sensors on your vehicle. Then it makes a determination regarding fuel and spark.

An ECM that has gone bad may result in a poorly performing engine. It may miss or skip. It can hesitate or stall. You may also find that your fuel economy is very poor. When replacing this important part of your car, make sure that you use a genuine OEM replacement ECM. An aftermarket that is not genuine will not be optimized for your Cabrio. That can mean a loss of fuel efficiency and an engine that never quite runs like it should. We do not offer cheap aftermarket copies of OEM parts. This means that you get an ECM that has been made for your vehicle.

We offer excellent customer service, with free parts look-ups by phone. Call us if you have any questions about this or other parts. We offer fast and affordable shipping. Order your genuine OEM replacement part today.

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