OEM Volkswagen Beetle Parts and Accessories

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The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle is so popular that VW made it in a number of trim packages like the turbo black edition. If you treated yourself to the turbo package and sunroof, you’ll want to drive your bug for years. When you need a new part for your little Beetle, you order genuine OEM Volkswagen parts.  

  • Air Filters – Just like you, your engine must breathe fresh air. The air filter is there to keep the air clean by collecting dirt and debris, so change this filter as much as needed. We have air filters, oil filters and fuel filters for your New Beetle.
  • Lighting – All of the lights on your vehicle are there to help other drivers see you when it’s dark outside. Turn signals and brake lights burn out, so replace them if you notice them starting to dim. We have headlights, turn signals and other lighting parts for your VW.
  • Spark Plugs – Spark plugs keep the engine running by providing the spark that ignites the fuel. The plugs can become dirty and stop sparking. We have replacement spark plugs and other engine parts.

In addition to factory VW parts, RealVolkswagenParts.com offers free parts lookups from our experienced parts staff. You get wholesale prices and no hassle returns, so shop with confidence. Buy your parts here.