OEM Volkswagen Cabriolet Parts and Accessories

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The 1990 VW Cabriolet was the last year for the second generation of Cabriolets. This car is an economical convertible that you take good care of. When you need 1990 Volkswagen parts for your Cabriolet, you buy OEM VW parts for exact fit replacement parts.

  • Radiators – The radiator holds the coolant your engine needs. If the radiator springs a leak, you may notice your vehicle overheating. We have radiators, hoses and belts.
  • Shocks and Struts – The shocks ensure your ride is smooth, even on the bumpiest roads. When a shock goes bad, you might notice your vehicle bottoming out over big bumps. We have shocks, struts and axles.
  • Door Handles – The door handle is made to withstand a lot of abuse, but it can become damaged due to age or accident. We have replacement door handles, doors and more.

We only offer genuine VW parts. We give you free parts lookups and no hassle returns. Contact our experienced parts staff if you have any questions. Order today.