Volkswagen Routan Years

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The Routan by Volkswagen is a seven-passenger minivan with four doors. It was produced between 2008 and 2013. This vehicle is now found primarily in fleets for rental cars and businesses. When you replace a worn out part on your van, you want to use genuine OEM parts to ensure a proper fit and factory performance. We do not carry fake or imitation parts – all parts are factory.

  • Transmission – The fluid in your transmission needs to be changed periodically to keep the gear shifting flawlessly. Dirty transmission fluid can cause hesitation between gears. When you clean the fluid, replace the transmission filter. We have filters, pans and more transmission parts.
  • Tail Light – When you apply the brakes, the brake light should come on in order to warn anyone behind you that you are going to stop. If that does not light up, you may be hit in the rear. Replace burned out lights immediately.
  • Motor Mounts – The motor mounts hold the engine steady and limit any vibration from it. If the mounts become worn out, then you need to replace them. Too much vibration is not good for the engine. We have these engine parts and more like belts, hoses and gaskets.

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