Volkswagen Rabbit Years

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When Volkswagen decided to manufacture a compact car, they introduced the Rabbit in 1975. It is a trim package for the popular Golf, and at times, their names have overlapped. Even with all the great German engineering developed for this vehicle, you will need to replace a part or two at some point. When you do, you want to use genuine OEM replacement parts for proper fit and performance.

  • Wheels – The wheels on your Rabbit are designed to stay on the vehicle for its entire lifetime. However, wheels are subjected to a lot of wear and abuse and may need replacing over the life of your car. If so, be sure you use only OEM replacements.
  • Sensors – Your car’s computer talks to other parts of the vehicle through sensors. A worn out sensor may send incorrect information to the computer. That can result in a poor fuel efficiency or other performance issues. Replace a bad sensor as soon as you can. We have replacement sensors that fit your vehicle.
  • Brake Pads – As part of your routine maintenance, you replace your brake pads as needed. In addition, you need to make sure that calipers are not sticking and rotors are not warped. If they are, we have these parts and other brake components in stock.

We do not carry fake or imitation parts – all parts are factory, so you know our parts will fit. We also offer accessories and interior parts such as armrests that are genuine OEM replacement parts. We offer fast and affordable shipping. Call us today and order your Rabbit parts.