Volkswagen Quantum Years

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The Volkswagen Quantum was a five-cylinder Passat that came in a hatchback or station wagon body style. It was a high-end trim package. When you replace parts on this vehicle, you want to use only genuine OEM parts that you know will fit it. We carry those parts. We do not offer cheap aftermarket copies of OEM parts.

  • Belts – All the belts in your vehicle will need to be replaced at some point. Old belts can stretch out of shape and stop parts from working. When a belt stretches, parts like the water pump can stop sending cooling water to your engine. We have replacement belts for your Quantum.
  • Fan Blades – Your fan needs to have all the blades in order to do a proper job of cooling the radiator water. A fan with a broken blade must be replaced. If you do not replace it, you can overheat your engine. We have fan blades, fan motors, hoses, radiators and other cooling system parts.
  • Trunk – If a tree limb falls on your trunk, you need to replace the damaged part. A dented trunk can cause water to seep into your trunk and damage it. We carry body parts for your Quantum. We have trunks, doors, bumpers, hoods and more.

At, we do not carry fake or imitation parts – all parts are factory. We offer excellent customer service, with free parts look-ups by phone. Call us today with your questions.