Volkswagen Fox Years

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Between 1987 and 1993, Volkswagen offered the entry-level subcompact Fox. It was affordable with a 4-cylinder engine that gave it great fuel economy. At some point, you will need to do repairs on your Fox. When you do, you want to use genuine OEM parts to get a good fitting part that will deliver the best performance for your car.

  • Heater – When it gets cold out, you want the inside of your car to be warm. If it does not get warm, you may have a bad heater core or blower motor. We have replacement heater parts, as well as air conditioning compressors, condensers and other HVAC parts.
  • Windshield Wipers – The wipers keep the windshield clean so that you can see to drive in the rain. If the wiper is not working, the wiper motor may be bad. We carry wiper motors and other electrical parts like switches.
  • Fuel Tank – Normally, the fuel tank never needs to be replaced in all the years that you own your car. If you do need to, it is nice to know that you can order one. We have a fuel tank that fits.

We do not carry fake or imitation parts – all parts are factory. We do not offer cheap aftermarket copies of OEM parts. Everything is genuine. We also have a no-hassle return policy. Order your Fox parts today.