Volkswagen CC Years

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The Volkswagen CC debuted in 2008 as a trim package for the Passat. It was given some sloping lines that gave it a sporty look. The CC stands for Comfort Coupe. Although it is a dependable vehicle, you still will need to do repairs on it at some point. When you do, make sure that you only use genuine OEM parts and accessories like those found at

  • Starter – A vehicle that does not start may have a bad starter. If you discover that the problem is in the starter, then we can help. We carry starters and any other electrical parts for your vehicle. We also have alternators and batteries for your car.
  • Bumper – The bumper is designed to absorb shock in case there is an accident. It distributes all the energy in a crash to other parts of the car, but that means that it becomes damaged in the process. We have replacement bumpers and other body parts.
  • Wiper Blades – Your VW is reliable, but some parts are going to wear out over time. Worn down wiper blades are dangerous, especially if you live in a climate where there’s a lot of rain or snow. Replace wiper blades promptly and see clearly again!

You will find that we do not carry fake or imitation parts – all parts are factory. We offer fast and affordable shipping and have a no-hassle return policy. Call or order you replacement parts online today.