OEM Volkswagen Tiguan Parts and Accessories

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The 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan is a small SUV that offers a lot of room for your friends and your dog. Strap on your surfboards or mountain bikes and enjoy a sports car-like ride to your outdoor destination. It’s economy, so you can go further on your fuel. When you need new parts, buy only genuine OEM Volkswagen parts.

  • A/C System Parts – If you aren’t staying cool, you might have a problem with the compressor in your HVAC system. These parts can wear out, especially if you live somewhere that requires air conditioning all year round. We carry evaporators, compressors and condensers.
  • Differentials - The differential ensures your gears are meshing properly. Any problem with your differential will show up as loud noises and drivability issues. We have differentials and other powertrain parts.
  • Oxygen Sensors – The oxygen sensor makes all of your SUV’s exhaust is environmentally friendly before it’s released into the atmosphere. This part gets really hot, so it’s not unusual for it to need replacement. We carry oxygen sensors and other exhaust parts.

For all of your OEM VW parts needs, look no further than RealVolkswagenParts.com. We offer wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. Shop for your Tiguan parts now.