OEM Volkswagen Jetta Parts and Accessories

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The 2009 Volkswagen Jetta is part of Jetta’s fifth generation, and this year’s base model got a new engine and transmission. It went from a 2.0 4-cylinder to a 1.4 turbo and DSG transmission. You like how powerful your Jetta is and you keep it that way by taking care to follow all of VW’s maintenance schedules. If you need a new part, you buy genuine OEM Volkswagen parts from RealVolkswagenParts.com.

  • Starter Solenoids - If your engine doesn’t start when you turn the key, you might have a bad starter. If you’re planning to drive, you have to replace it or your car won’t start. We carry starter solenoids, ignition switches and more.
  • Alternators - A bad alternator will stop the battery from keeping its charge. If the battery keeps dying, you might need a new alternator.  We carry alternators, batteries and other electrical parts.
  • Oil Filters – Get more life from your fresh oil by putting a new oil filter on right after you change the oil. You don’t want clean oil running through a dirty filter. We have oil filters, air filters and hoses.

When you buy your VW parts from us, you get genuine OEM Volkswagen parts that you know are going to fit your VW. You also get wholesale pricing and fast, affordable shipping. Save money. Shop with us.