OEM Volkswagen Beetle Parts and Accessories

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The 1998 VW Beetle is a member of the Volkswagen New Beetle family that was equipped with an engine in the front and storage in the rear. When you need new parts for your Beetle, you order OEM Volkswagen parts since they are going to be exact fit replacement parts.

  • Door Handles – The door handle will last the life of your vehicle, but the electronics it houses may not. Should your locks or remote keyless entry not work, you may need to replace the handle. We have handles, windows and locks.
  • EGR Valves – The EGR valve reads and keeps the exhaust cool as it recirculates through the system. A bad valve will result in a rough idle, decreased power and your Check Engine Light illuminated. We carry this valve and sensors for your VW.
  • Suspension – The suspension keeps your ride smooth, so if you start to feel every bump in the road or have trouble turning corners, you might have a suspension issue. We have struts, shocks and axles.

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