OEM Volkswagen Cabriolet Parts and Accessories

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The 1993 VW Cabriolet is a derivative of the MK3 Golf platform. Since you like to drive your Cabriolet with the top down, you make sure that you take great care of it and always change the oil and do other maintenance. When you need new 1993 VW parts, you buy OEM Volkswagen parts since they are optimized to meet the factory standards for fit and performance.

- Suspension – The suspension on your VW keeps your vehicle solidly planted on the ground by allowing you to go over rough road or around corners without losing control. We have replacement shocks, struts and other suspension parts.

- Water pump – A bad water pump can cause the temperature in your engine to climb, and that can lead to significant damage if the engine overheats. We have water pumps, radiators and hoses.
- EGR Valves – This valve measures the emissions and keeps the gasses measured for the best performance for your engine. Should this valve fail, you will notice a rough idle and other performance issues. We have EGR valves, manifolds and oxygen sensors.

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